Are you hesitant about doing the Big Chop (BC)? I understand why many people are, but why are you specifically?

That is really the easiest way to return to natural, especially if you have access to someone who knows how to style natural hair. The BC used to be, and arguably still is, the easiest method because transitioning, or growing out the relaxer, requires a lot of hard work while trying to cater to two different hair textures, and there’s typically quite a bit of breakage of relaxed hair the longer you transition.  Your ends will need to be trimmed in inches repeatedly to accelerate the growing out process. Before the introduction of diverse crochet styles, transitioning naturals used to have somewhat limited styling options outside of braids, sew-ins, cornrows and rod sets. Now, we have more crochet and braiding options than a MAC counter.

However, the BC allows you the time to get to know your own texture gradually and experiment with a variety of styles at each length.  There are some styles that I sincerely miss wearing when my hair is longer.  Had I never worn it very short, I’d never have experienced all of the ways I could flaunt my natural self.

Are you worried about how you will look with your “crown and glory”?  Well, I’ll tell you exactly how you’ll look.  You’ll look just the way God created you to look–head shape and all. Go check out your baby pics and you’ll see yourself.  Just embrace who and how you are in all of the beauty that is placed inside of you because that’s all the outside can really reflect. I would add that the most painless transition is the fastest one–the BC.  The least maintenance is required as well.  Really, what are you afraid of?  A tiny fro is not your only option anymore.

After that long soliloquy, if you still want to transition gradually, I can certainly help you with that and tell you how best to go about it, but do consider the BC.

Transitioning Tips:

  • To transition gradually, you will need to maintain a regular appointment with a reputable natural stylist to trim as you grow.
  • Although flat ironing is an option for styling, rather try protective styling (rod sets, cornrows, extensions, crochet styles, etc.) to avoid direct heat. Excessive heat styling will only retard the transitioning process due to potential heat damage that destroys your coil.
  • Use a moisturizing conditioner, preferably Verbena Coil by Naturally Nadine, and comb out the hair with conditioner in it before rinsing.
  • Know that working with two textures is going to result in shedding and breakage of the relaxed hair if not handled carefully.
  • Consider a tapered cut that can be coiled and rodded for a fun and flirty look as your curls grow out.
  • The least stressful, least time-consuming, and most cost-effective way to transition is just to do the Big Chop! The BC will allow for greater styling freedom and an opportunity to learn your hair’s true texture.