The “Naturalle Hair Professor”

Hailing from Savannah, GA, “Dr. A,” as she is fondly referred to, has established a reputation as a solid resource on all things related to natural hair. Howard University professor and scholar, certified natural hair specialist, thinning and aging hair specialist, licensed cosmetologist, creative writer, lover of Jesus Christ, feminist, Southern lady, and mentor, Dr. A is the epitome of versatility. Her experience has enabled her to carry her mission from the salon chair to lectures that go beyond the traditional classroom and challenge the objectification of the black female body throughout history. She is also an active and avid natural hair advocate teaching regionally and nationally on the personal and interpersonal effects of wearing natural hair in a modern society. The “Naturalle Hair Professor” makes it her mission to promote healthy hair to restore natural hair to its rightful place as the standard and not the exception for African Americans.

One of the originators of Entwine Couture, Dr. A  found instant success among natural hair lovers across the nation, and many welcomed Dr. A into their cyber lives through her “House Call” videos. However, Dr. A left Entwine in 2012 and launched out on her own to create Naturally Nadine, her own line of natural and organic natural hair care products, after years of research. Named after her grandmother, Nadine Shinhoster, who never had a relaxer, was a natural hair stylist and is Dr. A’s inspiration, Naturally Nadine is all about creating functional products for women of color with the highest quality naturally-derived and organic ingredients.

Combining her trade with her passion for teaching, Dr. A.’s vision for Naturally Nadine is to spread the natural hair message of self-love globally.


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