Exotic Cocktail Bars (4 oz bars)


Turn your shower into paradise with our ultimate cleansing bars. Handcrafted with essential oils and enriched with growth stimulators and vitamins, these bars eliminate product build up and rejuvenate dull  strands and scalp while calming the senses with invigorating scents. Long lasting value.

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Our lock rockers LOVE the Lemon Lock Bar. Designed specifically for locks to cleanse gently and discourage product build-up, this lemony goodness lathers well and rejuvenates. Together, we can detox your locks.


Create a spa in your home. This aromatherapeutic bar is great for TRANSITIONERS and those with full, healthy hair. Enriched with Argan, Almond and Grapeseed oils, this bar promotes healthy hair growth. Elevate your spirit, and relax your mind.


Who doesn’t need a hint of mint in his or her hair? The ultimate growth stimulator, this bar is why your hair craves a good cocktail. In a glycerin base, the Mojito bar is enriched with growth stimulators like hemp, sage, Vitamin E and Cedarwood, just what your scalp needs. Your roots beckon you to quench their thirst.


Our salon favorite for dry hair woes, this bar moisturizes and rebuilds damaged hair, deters premature graying, and promotes healthy hair growth with traces of island coconut in your hair. The fragrant aroma of coconut and pineapples will transport you while the jojoba-infused spa bar invigorates your hair. Indulge your senses!

Use: Saturate hair with water and rub the bar throughout. Shampoo regularly and do not leave the bar in standing or running water to preserve longevity.