Client's Bill of Rights

All clients are entitled to:

  1. Timely service by talented/ gifted stylists.
  2. The best service & experience possible.
  3. An introduction to our signature products and an initial consultation.
  4. Arrive on time for appointments and call ahead if running late.
  5. Express compliments and concerns to Management.
  6. Basic education on best practices for natural hair care.
  7. Excellent service in a clean, hospitable atmosphere.
  8. A service that begins within 30 minutes or less of the scheduled appointment time unless otherwise notified of any changes.
  9. Cancel before 24 hours to avoid  cancellation fees and future mandatory deposits when scheduling.
  10. Know that pictures taken of a style may be used for marketing purposes.
  11. Bring or email pictures of styles that you like and trust that your stylist will modify them to best suit you. However, know that your stylist is at her best when creating an original look just for you.

House Rules


  1. Be on time. Please be mindful of your stylist’s time and that of the person scheduled behind you. There is a 30 minute grace period allowed if the salon is notified that the client is running late. Otherwise, you may need to reschedule, and there will be a $15 late fee added for the service or a $20 cancellation fee added to the next appointment.  While we do love a standing appointment, we will have to cancel yours after two cancellations or a no-show.
  2. Let us live. Maryland is one of the blue crab capitals of the world, and many a vegan  or vegetarian loves a nut, but we just can’t have them in the salon. These items are life-threatening for some. So please eat before you come, and don’t consume shellfish within 24 hrs of your appointment or bring items containing nuts or shellfish (that would be anything from the sea with a shell, including shrimp) into the salon, even if in a purse or other container. Thank you kindly.
  3. Respect the Salon. Don’t talk on your cell phone while your stylist is cutting, shampooing or styling your  hair; you could be putting them or yourself in danger and be making it difficult for them to properly do their job.  If you need to charge an electronic device, ask your stylist or the salon owner if they mind, don’t just assume you can use an empty plug! For the safety of us all, please remain in the waiting area until your name is called.
  4. Respect the Vibe. We provide soothing sounds, but sometimes you may want to hear your own; use your headphones. And don’t have LOUD conversations or use profanity or crude language while in the  salon, it’s very inappropriate and rude to the stylist and other patrons. Also, we at TL2 love and welcome children, especially when they’re being serviced, but when they’re not, please bless a sitter with their presence. For many, our salon is their place of peace.
  5. Pay when the service is rendered.  Your stylist is providing you with a service, so it is only fair that you pay them once that service is completed.  Don’t say, “I need to go to the bank and I’ll be back.” If you know you have an appointment, be prepared to pay at the end of your appointment.  If you are a new client, ask your stylist in advance what the price range of the service will be and bring extra in case you decide to add additional services while you are there.

*Some tips adapted, with thanks, from