The Naturally Nadine Story

Naturally Nadine

About Nadine

Nadine Pullin Shinhoster moved to Savannah, Ga., as a young woman in her 20s to study at Madame Cargo’s cosmetology school. She soon had both her license and a husband who loved her unadorned beauty. “She was attractive all right…Natural all the way through,” he once said.


Nadine pressed and curled hair in her home for decades, as she mothered six children and worked other jobs. She was a Godly and praying woman who cared about people, not just their hair. The beauty parlor in her home was a healing space of love, laughter, tears, and one-on-one friendships. Her clients came from her neighborhood and the church where she taught Bible study and was called Missionary Shinhoster.


Women came to her as much for the hospitality and soothing conversation as they did for straightened hair. Tender-headed girls filled her chair at Easter, Christmas and other special occasions for a gentle touch and Shirley Temple curls. She even visited clients in their sick rooms. Miss Nadine, as she was called by some, never worked with or used chemicals in her hair or her clients’, only her pressing comb and curlers.


She always gave her best to whatever she did. She served God, loved her family and worked hard. Doing hair was ministry to her. She laid those edges straight without ever a hint of permanent heat damage, and at the end of the day, women left with smiles on their faces and sometimes answered prayers in their hearts.


Grandma Nadine was 74 when she died in 1991.


About the owner

Adrienne "Dr. A~" CarthonThe natural hair revolution is sweeping over the Baltimore, MD area with Adrienne Carthon, Ph.D.  at the forefront.  African American women and children are finally embracing their naturally kinky, curly, wavy, multi-textured hair and have found the confidence to say, “ no more,” to chemical relaxers.


Hailing from Savannah, GA, “Dr. A,” as she is fondly referred to, has stolen the spotlight in Baltimore, MD, establishing a reputation as a solid resource on all things related to natural hair. Professor and scholar, natural hair stylist, creative writer, lover of Jesus Christ, feminist, Southern lady, and mentor, Dr. A is the epitome of versatility. As an assistant professor of African American Literature and Women’s Studies at Morgan State University, she teaches courses such as “The Politics of Black Hair” and “The Black Female Body: Sara Baartman in the Cultural Imagination.” Her lectures go beyond the traditional classroom, where she is an active and avid natural hair advocate teaching regionally and nationally on the personal and interpersonal effects of wearing natural hair in a modern society. The “Naturalle Hair Professor” makes it her mission to promote healthy hair to restore natural hair to its rightful place as the standard and not the exception for African Americans.


Whether they’re fully natural or now transitioning, Dr. A empowers women of color to love and care for their natural hair. “Whether women are choosing to express themselves naturally due to fashion trends or for a healthy lifestyle change, I’m excited that more people are comfortable displaying what GOD gave them in all its glory,” says Dr. A. The Naturalle Hair Professor is wary of natural hair stereotypes, particularly among people of color. She recalls the time when natural hair was less the norm and looked at awkwardly. “I couldn’t find anyone to do my big chop back in the early 1990s. It was even more difficult caring for my hair afterwards due to the lack of proper products that would afford me versatility and creativity with the way I wanted to wear my hair,” she said. She was determined to find a way to marry the lab and the kitchen in a union that would give her the style and versatility that she desperately desired. She wanted to redefine what it meant to be natural.


After much research, Dr. A. was able to launch her first line of products under the Entwine Couture brand with a partner. Mixing together ingredients from the finest natural oils and butters with chemical technology, she got the results she was looking for and also kept her hair free from toxins that harm natural hair. Entwine was an instant success among natural hair lovers across the nation, and many welcomed Dr. A into their cyber lives through her “House Call” videos, but Dr. A has since left Entwine and is celebrating the opening of Twists Locks Love (TL2) Salon in Baltimore and the launch of Naturally Nadine, her own line of natural and organic natural hair care products.


Named after her grandmother, Nadine Shinhoster, who never had a relaxer, was a natural hair stylist and is Dr. A’s inspiration, the new line is all about creating functional products for women of color with the highest quality naturally-derived and organic ingredients. Her hair cocktails and shampoo bars were created with the unique hair care needs of her clients in mind.


Naturally Nadineis committed to providing the best hair health education and providing access to resources to help people to grow the healthiest heads of hair possible. That includes people who experiencing hair loss through thinning or who have medical conditions that have affected their hair growth as well as those with scalp conditions. I want them to know that this particular line is committed to helping them with what concerns them as well as providing education on how to achieve some of the styles at home, how to care for their hair at home, how to moisturize, how to properly care for it during the summer when they’re swimming or working out. We are committed to education. That’s one of our primary focuses. And being affordable too!” said Dr. A.


Combining her trade with her passion for teaching, Dr. A.’s vision for Naturally Nadine is to spread the natural hair message of self-love globally.